Airborne sonobuoy processing

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Airborne sonobuoy processing

Best in class active and passive sonobuoy processing system.

Our sonobuoy processing system increases the tactical advantage against modern submerged threats with best-in-class range performance and acoustic intelligence exploitation.


  • Best in class passive/ acoustic processing for all common passive sonobuoy types
  • Advanced processing algorithms detect submerged targets sooner, maintains precision tracking longer and searches larger areas when other sources cannot
  • Operator-designed intuitive user interface offers tools that simplify the task of prosecuting increasingly large and complex sonobuoy fields
  • Advanced processing of DICASS buoys provide UYS-505 operators the ability to detect and track, with precision and confidence.
  • Leader in the cutting edge field of multistatic active coherent acoustic processing.
  • Multistatic processing can also be performed with ship sonars and helicopter dipping sonars providing active sources to increase interoperability within coalition  task groups
  • Crew size and operator workload reduction by offering increased automation, automatic target detection and tracking; and a suite of other tools that make operators more effective.
  • Fixed or deployable ground station systems provide the same operator interface as the aircraft systems for ease of use, minimal training and support fast time replay at more than 8 times real time
  • Open architecture approach to data transfer for easy integration with external aircraft systems


  • Supports NATO Standard 99 sonobuoy RF channel allocation
  • Supports a broad range of passive and active sonobuoy manufacturer types
  • Leverages commercial advances in hardware and latest innovations in signal processing technologies to maximize the detection of submerged threats
  • Employs directional and spectral analysis to generate spatially aware spectral displays
  • 1 hour of display-ready historical data available for each of 32 concurrently processed sonobuoys
  • Performs display processing whilst processing/formatting recorded acoustic data
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