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Meet Lisa – head of human resources, Land Systems

Lisa was given a lot of responsibility early in her career as a human resources assistant, which she says helped shape her into the professional she is today. At the age of eighteen, she was overseeing administration and assisting with hiring new staff at the National Blood Service in England.  “I was exposed to different management styles, cultures, and quite a diverse workforce, whilst also collaborating with medical consultants and research scientists,” she says.

Later, Lisa moved into the predominantly male automotive industry as a human resources officer and attended part-time classes at the University of Wales, in addition to raising her three children. Her ultimate goal was to advance towards a senior management position, and at twenty-five, with her diploma in hand, she became an HR manager—an achievement she is extremely proud of. Her advice to young girls and women aspiring to a similar role is rooted in being your authentic self. “It’s important to be strong and driven to achieve your goals, but be sure not to sacrifice too much of the real you in order to fit in,” she says.

A decade later, Lisa was ready for a more challenging role. Her family’s connections in the defence sector fuelled her interest and brought her to the role of Head of Human Resources at General Dynamics.

“I’ve always supported the armed forces, so I really enjoy this combination of interests.”

Having joined General Dynamics Land Systems in 2021, she quips, “I feel like I am still new, there is always so much to learn.” She shares how she was immediately drawn to the technological and technical areas of the business. “I believe being in human resources and just focusing on that is not enough,” she says, “to ensure that you hire the right people, and understand the different roles in the business you need to have a deeper understanding of the product and what my colleagues do in their various roles.”

As the AJAX programme begins to ramp up, Lisa’s main focus is ensuring that all aspects of the business are supported whilst also providing a continually improving HR service to colleagues across the Land Systems team. Additionally, she supports health and safety efforts, putting a great emphasis on improving the work culture and enhancing policies and procedures alongside her US and Canadian counterparts.

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