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Meet Lynne – director of international facilities and UK operations

Lynne studied law at Aberystwyth University before venturing into the world of business. She started her career in a graduate role with a national retail chain where her responsibilities involved audits and team/store management. “It was a great learning opportunity to understand all the fundamentals of business,” she says.

Subsequently, she moved into the financial services industry in Cardiff, where she took on a multitude of exciting positions over a twenty year period, including management of large teams, procurement, strategic supplier management, communications, and public relations. These opportunities enabled Lynne to work in multiple locations across the United Kingdom including Cardiff, London and Edinburgh.  Here, she discovered her passion for approaching new challenges and opportunities. This led her to join General Dynamics UK Limited in 2018 and move away from the financial services sector into Defence. Lynne now serves as the Director of International Facilities and UK Operations, overseeing the functions of Mission Systems’ international facilities. It’s a multifaceted role, requiring her to liaise with many people and departments, and gives her local oversight, making “no two days the same,” she says.

Lynne attributes her success to the exceptional teams she engages with. “I am genuinely humbled by the passion and commitment of our colleagues,” she says, “it’s what makes working here so special.”

Reflecting on her impressive career to date, Lynne suggests that you should “grasp opportunities as they arise, even if they push you out of your comfort zone. Be comfortable in your own skin and don’t try and mould yourself into something you believe could be successful, always be authentic and true to yourself.”

Throughout her career Lynne has won various leadership and mentoring awards. Her approach to leadership was described as a “breath of fresh air” by one of her previous bosses. Lynne reflects that her leadership style has been refined over many years of experience.

“It’s a privilege to lead a team of people. I always aim to support and develop colleagues around me. I set high standards and aim to create a high performance culture, whilst cultivating a supportive environment.”

This has taught her the importance of bringing your authentic self to work. “If you live through your values and approach everything with an open mind,” she says, “you’d be surprised of what you can achieve.”

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