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Diversity in Innovation: Colleagues Share Perspectives on International Women in Engineering Day

June 23 is International Women in Engineering Day—and the 2022 theme is “Inventors and Innovators.”

So what better way to mark the occasion than by inviting engineering colleagues from across Canada, the UK, US and Italy to talk about the value of diversity in innovation?

This thought-provoking discussion included the following engineers from across the business:

  • Lisa Finneran, Vice President of Engineering—General Dynamics Mission Systems (Fairfax, Virginia)
  • Kirsten, Systems Engineer and Artificial Intelligence Lead—General Dynamics UK (Hastings)
  • Gisèle, Firmware Development Lead—General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada (Calgary)
  • Roberto, Head of Data Network and Collaboration Engineering—General Dynamics Mission Systems–Italy (Rome)

What is innovation?

People often think of innovation as being product-based. But as the panel discusses below, the term “innovation” doesn’t just apply to technology—in fact, being innovative is about embracing and applying creative thinking to all kinds of new ideas.

What’s most exciting about working for an engineering organization?

At its core, General Dynamics is an engineering company. We asked panelists their favourite things about working in the field, what drew them to engineering in the first place, and what keeps them motivated in their respective roles at GD.

What value does diversity and inclusion bring to the engineering field?

If we all looked the same and had the same background, could we actually challenge the realm of the possible? In this part of the discussion, panelists shared their perspectives on why diversity is the true key to innovation. And we’re not just talking about engineering!

What advice would you give to women or diverse candidates pursuing a career in innovation or engineering?

Be passionate. Be determined. Be heard. And never give up. Hear these and panelists’ other inspiring words of wisdom for women and other diverse candidates below.

Any final thoughts about International Women in Engineering Day?

Let’s face it: International Women in Engineering Day should be EVERY day. Increasing numbers of women are entering the field, while more young girls are expressing interest in it. So what’s next? The panel wraps up their discussion with a look at what the next few decades may hold for women in engineering.

Interested in watching the video in full? We have included the entire panel discussion below! A huge thank you to all participants for this chat spanning multiple nations, experiences and perspectives.

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