Environmental policy

Environmental policy

General Dynamics UK believes that environmental protection should form an integral part of standard operating procedures.

The Company is concerned not only with its direct impact on the environment, but also any indirect effects caused by the Company’s activities affecting its neighbours and the local community. To support this, the company is accredited to both of the International Standards ISO 14000 & OHSAS 18000.

Our Environmental Policy Statement articulates the Company’s commitment to sound environmental management.

This policy shall be upheld through the following:

  • Implementation and maintenance of an Environmental Management System in line with the International Standard BS EN ISO 14001
  • Maintaining effective environmental control procedures for all significant environmental aspects of the Company’s undertakings
  • Commitment to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements relevant to the Company’s activities
  • Commitment to prevent pollution and to avoid the use of hazardous materials on site and in products wherever practicable
  • Setting of objectives and targets on a regular basis in line with our commitment to continual improvement of the Environmental Management System

This proactive stance shall be implemented throughout the Company. All employees are expected to observe sound environmental practices and to support the Company in its environmental objectives and targets.

This policy is reviewed and revised as necessary to ensure its continuing effectiveness and suitability in line with changes to the Environmental Management System, legislation and the achievement of objectives.

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