Our business conduct reflects our business ethics principles

General Dynamics UK is committed to meeting high ethical standards in our dealings with others. The nature of our business requires us to have strong values and an awareness of public concerns.

At General Dynamics UK we expect all our employees to act with the highest standards of ethical behaviour and integrity, and they receive formal training in Business Ethics and Conduct. We do not condone nor permit unethical or illegal conduct. The consequences of unethical or unlawful conduct may be far reaching and severe not only for the Company and its employees, but also for other stakeholders. Our employees are aware that unethical behaviour is wrong, and could lead to loss of business, reputational damage and legal sanctions.

Our booklet ‘Standards of Business Ethics and Conduct’ summarises our ethics policies and is issued to all officers, executives, and full-time, part-time and temporary employees of General Dynamics UK. Our Business Ethics Principles are simply expressed:

Use assets wisely:

How we manage our assets reflects our personal values, our company’s values, and determines our ability to earn a fair return.

Offer a fair deal:

  • We offer the best products at a reasonable price
  • We make hard decisions and tackle tough choices
  • How we go about making these decisions reflects our values

Deliver on promises:

  • We are people of our word – we deliver on our promises
  • We are responsible to our stakeholders and strive to earn their trust every day

Earn a fair return:

  • Our reputation is based on our ability to use our values to generate profits
  • As we deliver on our promises, we endeavour to contract for a fair return

We expect our suppliers, vendors, contractors, and joint venture partners to develop ethics and compliance programmes that are consistent with our values in all material respects.
When General Dynamics UK talks about business ethics, we refer to the commitments that make our company great. We deal fairly with our company’s customers, suppliers, and competitors, as well as with each other. When we talk about compliance, we refer to the laws, rules, regulations, and policies that control and direct both our actions and those of our company.

Our employees are required to be:

  • Law abiding
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Responsible and reliable
  • Fair and cooperative

General Dynamics UK operates a Business Ethics Hotline which any employee can call to express a concern or report a possible violation of laws, regulations, or policies. Every call to the hotline is handled promptly, discreetly, and professionally. We investigate reports of illegal or unethical conduct received through the hotline, and take appropriate action to resolve each reported matter. We also ensure that the company has trained Ethics and compliance officers in the business units and at corporate headquarters who can be relied upon to give advice at any time.

In summary, as a company operating internationally within the Defence sector, General Dynamics UK strives always to be, and to be seen to be, an ethical company. Ethics leadership is strong within the company, coming straight from Corporate Headquarters. In her foreword to the Company Ethics Booklet, the Chairman and CEO of General Dynamics is uncompromising in her insistence on ethical behaviour:

It calls on us to do the right thing for our shareholders, for each other, and for our country. We have earned an excellent reputation for the way we conduct business. Each of us needs to sustain that reputation by adhering to the principles of integrity, honesty and respect.

For more information about General Dynamics UK’s ethical conduct standards, please download The Blue Book – Standards of Business Ethics and Conduct.

If you have concerns relating to General Dynamics UK’s ethical conduct, please contact our freephone and confidential helpline on 08000 328483.

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