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Compact Tactical Gateway

Enabling mission critical interoperability at the tactical edge.

A modular, lightweight product that provides mission configurable services and hardware extensibility, with a compact Size, Weight and Power – enabling rapid deployment, configuration, exploit and tear down.

Why Choose Compact Tactical Gateway?

  • Interoperability: Connect two systems rapidly and choose from a plethora of NATO, or open standard services according to your information exchange requirements.
  • Secure: Provides a secure boundary point, protecting both systems from malicious content while enabling the exchange of information.
  • Rapidly Deployable: The small form factor enables the Compact Tactical Gateway to be deployed at a lower level in the tactical edge domain, its rugged housing, small size and light weight design make it a one man portable system.
  • Extensible: Designed to provide increased processing capability through the modular plug in of additional hardware.

Download the Compact Tactical Gateway Datasheet here.

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