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Small to Medium Enterprises

Working with SMEs

We know that collaboration with our suppliers is key to keeping us at the cutting-edge of innovation and are committed to supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in alignment with the Ministry of Defence SME Action Plan. We actively work with SMEs to support their research and technological breakthroughs, integrate their products and services into our solutions, and give them the opportunity to compete on a larger scale. This allows us to ensure we are always delivering the best solutions to our customers.

Fit for Defence

SMEs are a vital part of the UK defence and security supply chain. Suppliers should be prepared for additional requirements in order to be ‘Fit For Defence’ and should consider the following when considering contracting work with major primes in the UK:

  • Cyber Essentials certification
  • DEFCON and FAR/ DFAR compliance
  • JOSCAR membership/ SME registration
  • Applicable ISO standards
  • NET Zero Strategy/ ISO14001
  • Understanding of the UK Government’s social value requirements and expectations

Requirements and levels of governance may change. We are committed to providing support to our SMEs and partners to help them navigate specific conditions.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for suppliers that enable us to work within time, quality, cost and technical performance constraints, with a continuous focus on customer requirements. We choose suppliers who are committed to being leaders in process improvement initiatives, providing the best value to our customers and improving our competitiveness in the marketplace. Download the Land Systems technology roadmap and identify which capability areas your company can support and connect with us.

Connect with us

For UK small and medium business opportunities, please contact Land Systems or Mission Systems.

You can find out more about where you can connect with us by visiting our events page, or by following us on social media – X, LinkedIn, Facebook.

Useful links  

Hellios SME Portal

Promote your capabilities in the defence, aerospace and security sectors quickly and easily with the new Hellios SME Portal. The Hellios SME Portal was created in collaboration with the JOSCAR Governance Group members in response to the Ministry of Defence’s  SME Action Plan. Its purpose is to improve the visibility of SMEs to buyers across the defence, aerospace and security sectors.

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