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FAQs for Job Seekers

Do you have questions about interviewing with us? Need help creating or accessing your candidate profile? We’ve got the answers.

Interview Process

Will my interview(s) be in-person or online? 

We will continue to offer flexible options, including virtual and in-person interviews. Of course, we know that with virtual interviews, there is always a chance of connection interruptions. Before your interview, we ask that you:

  • Try to find a quiet room with the proper technology to conduct your interview
  • Test out the meeting link (a recruiter will send one to you before the interview)

We understand that interruptions can still happen on either side of the computer screen – so rest assured we will work through any issues with you.

Will I need to provide references? 

If you are successful at the interview stage, we will reach out afterwards and request two references. Please ensure at least one of those references is a current or former supervisor/manager.

Who will interview me? 

The email you receive from a recruiter will mention who will be conducting the interview, rest assured we will let you know ahead of time.

What’s the difference between an informal and formal interview? 

Sometimes a recruiter may request an “informal interview.” This is simply a phone call or online discussion to gain clarity on your suitability for the role you’ve applied to.

What technical questions will I be asked during my interview? 

Applying for a technical job such as a software or systems engineer? In addition to general questions, you may also be asked:

  • Can you explain a few significant differences between the C++ and Java programming languages?
  • Name a project you had a significant role on, that you can discuss in detail. What was the system design/architecture? What was the problem you had with this system, and how did you fix it?
  • How much reuse do you get out of the code you develop?
  • Explain a time when you were able to improve upon the design that was originally requested.

What if I need support or accommodation for my interview? 

Not a problem, simply contact recruitment@gd-ms.uk. General Dynamics UK is a Disability Confident employer and we have committed to:

  • ensuring our recruitment process is inclusive and accessible
  • communicating and promoting vacancies
  • offering an interview to disabled people who meet the minimum criteria for the job
  • anticipating and providing reasonable adjustments as require

If you would like to learn more about our Disability Confident commitments, please email DisabilityConfident@gd-ms.uk.

What general questions will I be asked during my interview? 

Here are some examples of what we may ask:

  • Why do you want to work for General Dynamics UK Limited?
  • What is the strongest attribute that you bring to the table?
  • Describe the last team you worked with and your role on it.
  • What is important to you in an employer?
  • Describe your ideal work environment.
  • Tell us about a time where you worked through a difference of opinion with a colleague. What was the outcome?
  • What has been your biggest success story to date, professionally-speaking?
  • How do you ensure that your work is of the highest quality?
  • How do you define project requirements, and how do you ensure they’re realistic?
  • Tell us about a time you received feedback which indicated you were not meeting expectations.
  • In 3-5 years what skills do you hope to achieve?

In addition to the interview process, will I need to write a test? 

Possibly, it depends on the role. For example, if you interview for a technical role, we may ask you to complete a technical assessment or case study. We will provide you more details when scheduling your interview.

How many interviews can I expect? 

We will conduct up to two interviews. Of course, the number may vary depending on the role, speciality, and seniority.

How long will my formal interview be? 

The typical length per interview is about one hour.

How long after my interview will I know if I got the job? 

We try to make a decision within a timely manner. Regardless, we will keep you updated via email. After all, you’ve spent a lot of time and effort throughout the application and interview process. We also encourage you to reach out to us any time for updates.

Do I need a security clearance to apply for a job with General Dynamics?

No. If you require a security clearance for the job, we will make arrangements for you.
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