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Land Deployable Gateway

Securely connecting you to the information you need. Tap into an integrated national and coalition force network.

The Land Deployable Gateway (LDG) provides a single point of connection for application interoperability between the battlefield and other national or coalition systems in the same security domain. LDG encapsulates all the capability delivered to operations in Afghanistan from 2010 onwards, including the latest version, BCIP VM, plus the capability of the extant Multilateral Interoperability Program (MIP).




Why choose LDG?

  • Interoperable: Seamlessly access and exchange a range of information released from the battlefield via common interfaces and protocols, while also consuming services from other operational systems using built in data translation and processing.
  • Secure: Safely connect and control data from the tactical edge to Headquarters and beyond using advanced firewall technology that protects and defends mission critical information.
  • Mobile: Connect to the right people wherever you go with compact portable LDG cases for flexibility in any environment.
  • Adaptable: For ease of integration with other C4I systems, LDG has been developed using COTS hardware providing standard Ethernet interfaces.


  • Security: LDG provides tight control of access between system boundaries, as well as anti-virus checking on traffic passing between systems. Also includes a separate router to enable routing between networks that do not need the tight control of the firewall.
  • Services: The gateway services hosted on the LDG all run in a virtualised environment, these services can be enabled or disabled based on mission requirements. Standard configurations for different scenarios can be rapidly deployed from a user defined catalogue.

Download the LDG datasheet here.

Compact Tactical Gateway

Enabling Mission Critical Interoperability at the Tactical Edge


The lightweight, rapid Compact Tactical Gateway enables interoperability between national and coalition systems. A modular product that provides mission configurable services and hardware extensibility, in a compact Size, Weight and power – enabling swift deployment, configuration, exploit, and tear down.

Why choose Compact Tactical Gateway?

  • Mission Critical Interoperability: Connect two systems rapidly and choose from a plethora of NATO or open standard services according to your information exchange requirements. The Compact Tactical Gateway enables exchange of track information, chat, mail, mapping, and overlay information.
  • Secure by Design: The Compact Tactical Gateway is designed to provide a secure boundary point, protecting both systems from malicious content while enabling the exchange of information.
  • Rapidly Deployable: The small form factor enables the Compact Tactical Gateway to be deployed at a lower level in the tactical edge domain, its rugged housing, small size and light weight design make it a one man portable system, which can be exploited at a location of opportunity.
  • Extensible: The Compact Tactical Gateway is designed to provide increased processing capability through the modular plug in of additional hardware. The modular software solution also enables new additional services to be quickly added, removed or upgraded.

Download the Compact Tactical Gateway Datasheet here.


Enabling Safe, Secure Information Sharing at the Tactical Edge

TACDS®-Vehicle Mount (VM) is a tactical cross domain product that enables information sharing across different security domains at the tactical edge. TACDS-VM provides a low cost, small Size, Weight, Power, and Cost (SWaP-C), tamper-resistant CDS that is ideal for almost any vehicle, mobile shelter, ground sensor system, aircraft or unmanned vehicle system (UVS). TACDS-VM is ruggedized and has been proven in numerous military exercises, demonstrations and operations.





Why choose TACDS®?

  • Variety of applications: Provides the ability to rapidly add a tactical cross domain capability from acquisition to mission.
  • Ease of use: An autonomous tactical cross domain product that offers pluggable filter components for multiple message formats. 


  • Anti-tamper with device zeroisation built-in
  • Separate high and low data ports 
  • Custom filter components available upon request 

Download the TACDS datasheet here. 

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