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Meet Louise – head of supply chain, Land Systems

Louise’s career path is one she considers to be unconventional.  After completing secondary school, she went straight to work in administration at a local printing company, where she learned the intricacies of business and how to foster customer relationships. This experience piqued her interest in procurement and management. “I didn’t take the traditional route of university,” she says, “I actually started to work in procurement pretty much immediately after school.”

She held a number of positions in the manufacturing industry where she gained experience in supply chain management. Louise joined General Dynamics Land Systems–UK as an Operational Excellence Manager in 2019. She found the transition into the defence industry seamless, crediting her diverse background with helping her better collaborate with international teams to refine companies’ supply chain processes.

“When I first joined, supply chain was quite new,” she says. To understand the breadth of the work she was involved in, Louise actively looked to her North American counterparts and their processes. “People were not accustomed to the data we had and its behaviours,” she says, “it really came down to changing people’s mindset.” Subsequently, she spearheaded changes to company policies and procedures, introduced key performance indicators (KPIs,) and reshaped the supply chain strategy and best practices.

“It gave me the ability to understand all aspects of the business and new industry.”

Now, as the Head of Supply Chain she collaborates with all areas of the business—finance, programmes, production, enterprise excellence, “pretty much all of it,” she laughs, in addition to liaising with customers. “The work can be challenging,” she says, “but having great people around you is what gets you through—that is an environment I thrive best in.”

Looking back on her career, she expresses gratitude to General Dynamics for providing her with the tools she needed to succeed, including mentorship opportunities and the investment in further educational opportunities. When asked about her biggest achievement to date, Louise beams and shares that “I was fortunate enough to obtain my master’s degree part-time in supply chain management.” Despite not considering herself an academic previously, this experience revealed her newfound love of learning.

Outside of the office, Louise enjoys spending time with her loved ones and friends. “I adore spending time with my family; it is one of my favourite activities, next to my daily workout on my spin bike.”


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