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Our graduate scheme


Systems engineering involves the interdisciplinary application of many different engineering principles that enables the realisations of successful systems. This is achieved through the engineer incorporating an approach that takes into account all of the factors that can affect the system through its entire life cycle. A typical day is highly varied and can range from defining customer needs, system design and test through to deployment of completed systems.


Key responsibilities include analysing software requirements, modelling software components, delivering high quality working code, implementing test cases and producing documentation. This role provides exposure to all aspects of the software development lifecycle, whilst working alongside many experienced and highly-skilled engineers. The role allows a certain amount of creativity to deliver innovative solutions to some of the challenges which the business faces.


Working within multi-disciplined project teams, this role involves mechanical design during all phases of the development life-cycle — responsible for the integrity of the mechanical design solution including safety, the cost of design, ease of manufacture and systems integration of mechanical solutions; the role takes a holistic approach to mechanical engineering.


This role involves electrical and electronic design during all phases of the development life-cycle. The role works with both the analogue and digital elements of electronic systems of avionic and vehicle platforms to provide the services such as power, communications/networks, safety circuits, computing, control panels. These sub-systems need to be integrated into the platforms and you will be involved in testing to prove that these systems work and meet the customer requirements.

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