Video Processing and Distribution

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Video Processing and Distribution

We are a leader in video processing and distribution solutions.

Our solutions offer high performance and immersive video systems and capabilities to provide vehicle crew members with unparalleled situational awareness.

We have developed field-programmable gate array (FPGA), low-latency, low-cost video processing and streaming solutions suitable for high definition video distribution.

Why choose our Video Processing and Distribution Solutions?

  • They are comprehensive and flexible. Our solutions offer highly configurable video routing; high quality video format conversion with automatic input video format detection and resolution handling; multi-view video outputs, like PIP or quad view; video manipulation (digital zoom, window re-sizing, window re-positioning, video blending); easily-customisable graphical overlay for all video outputs; encoding and decoding of video streams and streaming of compressed audio over Ethernet; and dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processing for user-based applications.
  • They offer more capability. Unlike many others, our products have the capacity to support multiple full HD video inputs and outputs.
  • They are user friendly. They offer a familiar feeling interface, allowing users to come up to speed quickly.

The Video Management Unit (VMU) provides low-latency, low-cost video processing and streaming capabilities suitable for demanding high definition video distribution applications. 


  • Up to 8 HD sources can be streamed over Ethernet.
  • Up to 8 HD video streams can be ingested over Ethernet and simultaneously decoded for processing or blending with local sources.
  • The VMU supports combining input videos using pixel-based alpha blending as well as chroma keying of any combination of input videos.
  • The VMU supports scaling, windowing layering, positioning, and routing as well as the blending of any input or output video.
  • Additional user based applications can be added providing direct control and enhancements to the baseline feature set.

Download the VMU datasheet here.

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