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Shadowcat Radio

A modern, affordable, resilient radio for secure dismounted situational awareness and communications in contested environments. 

The Shadowcat radio keeps you hidden in plain sight with advanced RF technology that is less detectable and susceptible to interference and jamming attempts by adversaries. 

Unlike typical large, brick style tactical radios, the Shadowcat weighs just 0.23 kilograms and is the size of a commercial smartphone. The radio is simple, easy-to-use, and can transmit data, voice, and real-time high-definition video. It is interoperable with existing Bowman ComBAT Infrastructure and Platform (BCIP) networks and equipment and is available in both handheld and vehicle-mounted configurations.


Why choose Shadowcat?

  • Secure: Cooperative distributed beamforming increases communication range and optimises throughput, while providing electronic warfare resilience and robustness to jamming
  • Mobile: Lightweight, simple and easy to use, with the ability to transmit voice, data, and real-time video on the move
  • Interoperable: Easily integrates with existing Bowman ComBAT Infrastructure and Platform (BCIP) networks and equipment and provides ally and nation partner interoperability
  • Survivable: Maintains networked communications in and under contested and congested electromagnetic spectrum environments
  • Scalable: Can be modified and customised to suit individual applications, users, or operations

Sustainment and mission readiness:

To meet the challenges of delivering reliable technology quickly in a changing environment, we focus on continuous integration and deployment with a DevOps approach for radio and waveform. 

  • Maintaining mission success with superior in-service support
  • Shorter development and integration cycles
  • More reliable operation
  • Increased deployment
  • Near continuous integration and test
  • Agile alignment to meet rapidly evolving needs
  • Portability, upgradeability and extensibility from the start


Dismounted radio

  • Small size: 15.24 cm x 7.62 cm x 1.52 cm (smartphone sized)
  • Lightweight: 0.23 kg
  • Resilient, scalable mesh
  • BCIP integration ready

Vehicle mounted radio

  • Small size: 22.09 cm x 9.39 cm
  • Lightweight: 3.4 kg
  • On-the-move capability
  • Drop-in ready capability

Download the Shadowcat Radio datasheet here. 

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