Airborne Anti-Submarine Warfare

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Airborne Anti-Submarine Warfare

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our sonobuoy processors help acoustic sensor operators detect, localise, and classify nuclear and diesel foreign submarines all around the world.

First to introduce color grams and passive/active/multistatic energy maps, General Dynamics is the industry leader for Sonobuoy processors. Our integrated, full-spectrum suite of support tools and products enables operators to achieve extended range performance and exceptional target identification capabilities.

Our leading-edge, intuitive, reliable solutions include field-proven sonobuoy processing systems and a suite of functional software modules are available in fixed-wing, rotary-wing, shipborne or unmanned configurations.


Why choose our Airborne ASW solutions?

They are best in class. Our advanced processing makes and maintains contact when other sources cannot; while our intuitive user interface offers tools that simplify the task of prosecuting increasingly large and complex sonobuoy fields. These solutions increase the tactical advantage against modern submerged threats with best-in-class range performance and acoustic intelligence exploitation.

Reduced crew size and operator workload.  The UYS-505 software continues to evolve to meet operational requirements and offers automatic target detection and tracking and a suite of other tools that make operators more effective. Recent advancements with system automation further reduce initial and proficiency training costs and total number of training days required.

They offer easy integration. While capable of being operated as a standalone system, the UYS-505 is currently integrated with mission management systems on multiple rotary and fixed wing platforms around the globe and its software supports an open architecture approach to data transfer for easy integration with external aircraft systems.

Post-mission analysis and replay. We offer fixed or deployable ground stations that support Level 2 and 3 advanced acoustic intelligence analysis and data archiving. These systems provide the same operator interface as the aircraft systems for ease of use, minimal training, and support replay at more than 8 times real time.

Training opportunities. We provide on-board or ground-based acoustic operator training courses and systems that can be used to generate and run high-fidelity and complex anti-submarine warfare acoustic scenarios.

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