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Towed Array Sonar Old

Towed Array Sonar solutions are the most sophisticated and powerful submarine and torpedo detection tools a surface ship can deploy.

With a towed array, distance from the ship and depth can be adjusted to optimise detection performance – keeping the array’s sensors away from the ship’s own noise greatly enhances ability to detect and localise even the faintest contacts. Our accompanying sonar processing is world-leading, and includes sensor processing and display, sonar integration, situational awareness, and data fusion.

Our leading-edge towed array solutions incorporate both passive and low-frequency active sonar technology, providing the greatest possible detection capability to protect ships from underwater threats.

Why choose our Towed Array Sonar solutions?

  • They are flexible and compact. When size, weight, and cost are your main concern, our single-tow low-frequency active solutions are the answer. They take up less space and weight, and can be containerised so they are easily moved and stored.
  • They are easy to install. Our solutions can be installed on new ships or on older ships as part of an upgrade, without the need for extensive and expensive modifications.
  • They perform. Our processing solutions consistently outperform other systems in test environments and at sea.
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