Data management system

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Data management system

The General Dynamics’ industry-leading airborne data management system provides mission system management and tactical data display for air vehicle operators.

This system enables an aircraft to collect and present integrated tactical situational awareness data gathered by:

  • Multi-mode radars
  • Electro-optic sensors
  • Electronic support measure systems
  • Acoustic processing systems
  • Self–defence suites
  • Magnetic anomaly detector systems
  • Weapons/stores management suites
  • SATCOM systems
  • Tactical datalinks
  • Automatic Identification Systems (AIS)
  • Navigation and Flight Management Systems


  • Wide-ranging tactical decision aids improve operator effectiveness and allow prompt operator response times.
  • Integrates a modern multi-sensor suite providing mission crews with “all weather, day and night target identification and classification capability”.
  • An Operator Machine Interface developed with extensive mission crew involvement provides operators with ability to respond effectively to real world mission requirements.
  • A complete suite of training devices, customised to end-user needs, ensures operation and maintenance personnel are quickly prepared to use and support the system throughout its life cycle, starting from its initial deployment.


  • A flexible system architecture that can be configured to meet the constraints of functionality, packaging, weight and balance, and redundancy;
  • A mission-oriented operator interface utilising fully programmable controls and displays;
  • Development of operator interface and toolset involved human factors engineering studies with input from operational aircrew;
  • A fully integrated tactical navigation and data processing component;
  • External interfacing using MIL-STD-1553B avionics data bus, Ethernet, ARINC 429, and Fibre Channel;
  • Expansion capability to incorporate legacy interfaces where required;
  • Operating systems supported: Windows, Solaris, and Linux, and;
  • Interoperable with other platforms through standard military and commercial data links.
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