Towed Array Sonar

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Towed Array Sonar

Towed Array Sonar solutions are the most sophisticated and powerful submarine and torpedo detection tools a surface ship can deploy.

With a towed array, distance from the ship and depth can be adjusted to optimise detection performance – keeping the array’s sensors away from the ship’s own noise greatly enhances ability to detect and localise even the faintest contacts. Our accompanying sonar processing is world-leading, and includes sensor processing and display, sonar integration, situational awareness, and data fusion. Our leading-edge towed array solutions incorporate both passive and low-frequency active sonar technology, providing the greatest possible detection capability to protect ships from underwater threats.

Why choose our Towed Array Sonar solutions?

  • They are flexible and compact. When size, weight, and cost are your main concern, our single-tow low-frequency active solutions are the answer. They take up less space and weight, and can be containerised so they are easily moved and stored.
  • They are easy to install. Our solutions can be installed on new ships or on older ships as part of an upgrade, without the need for extensive and expensive modifications.
  • They perform. Our processing solutions consistently outperform other systems in test environments and at sea.

Towed Array Sonar

The longest Underwater Warfare (UWW) sonar detection ranges at the lowest cost, with the lowest risk.


  • Compact and lightweight inline towed array system that easily integrates with virtually any ship platform
  • Innovative single-tow inline array design requires less space, weight, power for ship fitment; all wet-end components are housed on a single winch drum
  • Open architecture software enables integration on existing platforms and new builds 
  • Operationally flexible and customizable; interchangeable active sonar project can be changed at-sea, resulting in sonar optimization in both deep and littoral environments 
  • Offers state-of-the-art range independent, underwater acoustics predications for both passive and active sonar 

Download the Towed Array Sonar datasheet here.

Uncrewed Surface Vessel Towed Array Sonar

Persistent ASW coverage, with flexible integrated sonar capabilities. 

 The Uncrewed Surface Vessel Towed Array Sonar uniquely offers interchangeable sonar capabilities in a single system – effective in both deep water and littoral environments.


  • Can be delivered on USV’s 12 meters in length and larger
  •  Onboard electronics (Amp, TX/RX interface module, and sonar
    processing subsystem)
  • Remote station (operator’s console, sonar processing servers, OMI for all winch operations including array development and recovery)
  • Advanced sonar signal processing, display, tactical decision aids and data management system
  • Transmission in omnidirectional mode with multiple pulse types (LFM, HFM, CW)

Download the Uncrewed Surface Vessel Towed Array Sonar datasheet here.

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