Tactical data links

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Tactical data links

NetLink is a true multi-link, multi-client information exchange software solution for the joint and coalition environments applicable to the air, land, and sea domains.

This solution accurately translates message data between tactical networks that previously could not share data, removing errors and the need for voice coordination, giving a unified picture of the battlespace.  It offers fast, accurate, reliable message processing to ensure error-free, high-tempo operations.

The NetLink product is a Data Link Processing capability developed to provide the interfaces and processing features required to support numerous Tactical Data Links (TDL) and Tactical Networks. It abstracts away from the specific link message formats by using a common format and carries out generic processing for correlation, filtering, and forwarding which facilitates tactical information exchange between users regardless of the underlying data network to which they are connected.

The NetLink software application provides multi-link processing and smart forwarding (gateway function), translating information between various secure tactical data networks. It has been architected from the outset to manage concurrent data links in either data concentrating or data forwarding modes.  These features are designed to enable a unified battlespace tactical picture and communication with disadvantaged users (single link connectivity).

This software only solution has been developed to ensure maximum ease of integration into a wider mission system. A multitude of host environments are supported along with a variety of control interfaces enabling the mission system integrator maximum flexibility removing the need for individual tailoring.

A proven solution implemented on a variety of fixed and rotary wing platforms and hosted on different mission computers by third party integrators.

Download the NetLink datasheet here.

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