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General Dynamics Mission Systems

Mission Computing

Developing the brains behind the screens. We are a leading provider of ruggedised computing products and specialised software applications specific for the military airborne environment.

Meaningful situational awareness. Any sensor. Any platform. Any mission.

Our capabilities for crewed and uncrewed fixed and rotary-wing aircraft simplify the complexity of airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance processes. Using our extensive experience gained from many years of developing ruggedised avionics computing solutions, we have developed a family of adaptable, low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) processing products for tactical platforms.

Mission Computing

With increasingly sophisticated battlespace technology comes an ever-expanding volume of data and information.

Our mission computing solutions are designed to provide platform integrators with a flexible, centralised data processing hub with multi screen graphics generation. To ensure ease of integration, the systems provide a wide variety of current and legacy interfaces supported by high end multi-core processors and an architecture for maximum internal data distribution.  This enables total flexibility for the software applications both in terms of partitioning and hosting. 

Our processing environments include a variety of options depending on integrity levels (safety requirements) and most importantly, open software frameworks such as the UK Pyramid architecture. From single card to multi-level processing, our suite of mission computing products offers unprecedented processing capacity maximised by the very latest developments in commercial processors.  They offer scalable functionality and performance to support your applications with a focus on correlation, data fusion, 2D/3D rendering with augmentation and sensor data including video manipulation.  

SoftMap Application

SoftMap® is a flexible digital map rendering engine that brings your Geographic Information System applications into the real world.

Platform, hardware, and operating system agnostic software that delivers exceptional flexibility and tailorability to the platform integrator. SoftMap® is a software component that developers can build upon, removing the challenges in translating from coordinated and projection systems into pixel XY screen coordinates.

This software is specifically designed for the embedded market, able to meet the challenges of fast moving, highly dynamic aircraft in true real-time avoiding low quality fill-ins (as seen on internet-based map applications) or blank screen blocks while waiting for the map engine to render.

SoftMap® is an off-the-shelf digital mapping and situational awareness software solution that allows you to create different types of geo-based applications to meet your mission requirements. Designed using open systems standards, it is platform, hardware, and operating system agnostic, providing the platform integrator with exceptional flexibility and tailorability.

Download the Softmap datasheet here.

Digital Video Mixer 


  • The Digital Video Mixer is a 3U VPX format module that delivers high-end system performance. 
  • Enables the system designer to combine functions on to one module. 
  • Tailor the module to the system data channels via the VPX backplane.

Download the Digital Video Mixer datasheet here.



Single Board Computer


  • A high performance 3U VPX module that can be used in high assurance level systems.
  • The processor can be used single-core or multi-core to provide improved performance. 
  • Built-in General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU) for high resolution display graphics. 

Download the Single Board Computer datasheet here.





  • Delivers operational advantage through an open system architecture approach. 
  • Enables rapid adaptability and systematic software reuse.
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