Shipborne Sonobuoy Processing

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Shipborne Sonobuoy Processing

Maximise the detection of modern submerged threats with best-in-class Active and Passive Sonobuoy Processing System for any platform.

Our Sonobuoy Acoustics Processor systems enable data distribution and processing with crewed and autonomous ASW assets, providing the whole task force – near and far – with a wider and more complete operational view. Using autonomous technologies, we consolidate this wealth of information enabling comprehensive mission execution, while keeping your crew out of harm’s way. This proven capability is mission ready – saving you time on development, integration, and testing while optimising training opportunities.

Why choose our Shipborne Sonobuoy solutions?

They are best in class. Our advanced processing makes and maintains contact when other sources cannot; while our intuitive user interface offers tools that simplify the task of prosecuting increasingly large and complex sonobuoy fields. These solutions increase the tactical advantage against modern submerged threats with state-of-the-art range performance, allowing quick and easy threat localisation.

Reduced operator workload and training opportunities. The UYS-505 software continues to evolve to meet operational requirements and offers automatic target detection and tracking and a suite of other tools that make operators more effective. Its embedded training mode can be used to dynamically train operators by generating realistic and complex acoustic scenarios.

Easy integration. While capable of being operated as a standalone system, the UYS-505 is currently integrated with mission management systems on multiple rotary and fixed wing platforms around the globe and its software supports an open architecture approach to data transfer for easy integration with external aircraft systems.


  • Distributed sonobuoy acoustics processing 
  • Supports NATO Standard 99 sonobuoy RF Channel allocation 
  • Supports a broad range of passive and active sonobuoy manufacturer types 
  • Leverages commercial advances in hardware and latest innovations in signal processing technologies to maximise the detection of submerged threats 
  • Employs directional and spectral analysis to generate spatially aware spectral displays 

Download the Sonobuoy Acoustics Processor datasheet here. 

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