Sonar Systems Integration

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Sonar Systems Integration

In Underwater Warfare, the right software makes all the difference against quiet targets.

Giving you eyes on the invisible, our advanced Underwater Warfare (UWW) Sonar Suite is driven for performance, scalability and flexibility. Offering a range of sonar system capabilities to support a variety of platforms and missions – driven by our powerful underwater data management system – we present the best UWW operating picture to naval operators.

Why choose our Sonar Systems Integration solutions?

Concurrent active and passive processing of all sensors give you an operating advantage. Our situational awareness display optimises all underwater sensors to communicate with combat system tracks, enabling mission success with acoustic intelligences. 

  • Critical (inline projector) or depressed angle (tow body) towed systems available to meet size and budget constraints 
  • High source, low frequency active and passive systems 
  • Active passive ambiguity resolved towed array 


  • Multiple sizes to suit ship and hull forms 
  • Wide frequency band to support multiple missions 
  • High source levels maximise target detection 
  • Capable of transmitting complex waveforms (costas, XFM)


  • Full active, passive, and multistatic active processing capability that is fully integrated with the ASW suite 
  • Support for multistatic operations with ship or outboard sources 
  • Local or beyond line of site (ship-helo link) buoy processing

Download the Sonar Systems Integration brochure here.

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