Mine Warfare

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Mine Warfare

With features such as automatic detection and tracking, operator alerts and complete 360 degree coverage, our Mine Warfare solutions enable Navies the freedom to maneuver where they need to, when they need to.

We provide assured domain awareness, clarity, and certainty to safely operate in any unknown or contested underwater battlespace.

Why choose our Mine Warfare solutions?

  • Innovative and Advanced.  Our mine warfare components have been developed over years of research, development, and practical experience.
  • Proven technology. GDMS MOAS sonars and AUVs are being successfully used in MCM operations by navies around the world, including the USN, Swedish, and Royal Australian Navy.
  • Cost effective. Our solutions incorporate and make maximum use of proven, re-usable Autonomous Undersea Vehicles and Remote Operating Vehicles. Our low cost solutions are driven by our smart re-use of advanced technology
  • Low risk. Decades of experience, coupled with numerous instantiations and superb engineering has led to mature and fielded MCM hardware and software. 
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