Mission computing

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General Dynamics Mission Systems

Mission computing

General Dynamics Mission Systems is a leading provider of ruggedised computer products for a wide range of applications.

Using our extensive experience gained from many years of developing avionics computing solutions, we have developed a family of adaptable, low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) processing products for air, land and maritime platforms.

Compact Modular Computer

Our Compact Modular Computer (CMC) provides a flexible and cost effective approach to the evolving requirements for future processing applications on a range of platforms, including civilian and military aircraft, unmanned air systems, land vehicles and surface and subsurface vessels.


General Dynamics Mission Systems provides pioneering capabilities in digital mapping to give our customers enhanced situational awareness.

Whether on the ground, in the sea or in the air, our SoftMap solutions will support your mission to get you from A to B.  Any application that requires digital map and situational awareness visualisation can use SoftMap™ as its core. SoftMap™ is a platform-independent software solution offering rapid, intelligent, coherent and precise multi-layered digital map, navigation and terrain displays through to full tactical situation awareness.

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