Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Leading-edge unmanned airborne systems that address increasing complexities of modern airborne missions.

Introducing the LX300 Remotely Piloted Helicopter

The LX300 Remotely Piloted Helicopter provides tandem-rotor versatility, a certified heavy fuel engine, carries 180kg, and has an endurance of 10 hours with 200km extended line of sight.


  • Tandem-rotor technology and quick attach system allow for sustained operations in multiple mission types.
  • Purpose-built to complement manned helicopters for various defence and security applications.
  • Features aeronautical grade composite materials for blades, airframe, and advanced rotor technology to eliminate vibration.
  • Carries multiple mission specific payloads, including radios, EO/IR Gimbal, AIS, RADAR, DAA, ADS-B SAR kits, SKAD kits, castaway first-aid delivery, and more.
  • Low total cost of ownership due to the high-reliability components with high mean time between replacement.

Learn more about the LX300 Remotely Piloted Helicopter.

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